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I’m sitting inside the venue now, waiting for the soundcheck. Apparently this is a tiny but well known music spot in NY. I’ve heard more than one cat saying that it’s one of the most difficult places to get in and play.
Tonight we’re going to play in a trio setting. Will has written threemore songs and we’re going to perform them. The drummer will be Chris Infusino a very solid and skillful musician.
I think we’re going to burn the house down ­čÖé

— update after the show:

The gig went really well:
We started playing to four people in the audience and by the third song the place was packed!
Everybody dug the gig.
Will is a gifted somwriter and a great entertainer. Awesome sound: I was given an Aguilar mini stack that sounded great. I looked up to the mixing desk (that was in a small space over us, I saw a couple of very expensive pieces of outboard gear (read Manley Voxbox units)
My little Ibanez behaved very well. I start not to understand why people spend top dollars for instruments that sound only marginally better than cheaper ones!
The new songs came out really well: they highlight will’s vocal delivery and a groovier approach to rhythm section playing for me.
Especially one titled “what it takes”; I reallybelive it’s going to be a hit, given the right exposure.
After the show Will and me were invited to a party at the Empire Hotel where I got to meet a company of incredibly cool people whose names will remain unknown for privacy’s sake.
NYC is awesome!!!

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