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Arlene’s grocery is a very nice venue. I already played here when I first toured the US last April. The stage is big (with a sweet TC electronics bass amp!) with a nice lighting system and a good PA.
The drummer for the gig is again good old Chris Infusino who, after the gig, will drag us to an awesome burger place. But I digress.
We headlined the night, onstage at 10 pm. I managed to see the performer before us. I do not remember his name, but the music was beautiful, somehow between Depeche Mode and Coldplay.
So we get onstage and we start the gig with one of the newer songs, “Nothing at all” during which Will manages to break a string during the third bar of the song, give or take. He starts to mend the guitar while he keeps on singing, meaning basically that it’s just me and the drums onstage to carry the tune.
The audience appreciated the effort, if anything.
Will tunes the guitar and we launch into “hands up”. Will breaks another string.
Luckily, our fellow musician, the one who preceded us onstage is so nice and lets Will use his guitar, a wonderful Gibson Idontknowthemodelsorry.
The guitar swap happens in the middle of the song, while we vamp the verse riff.
After that the gig gets airborne.
Hi energy onstage, we have good fun and the audience appreciates.
Actually, the ticket woman at the door says that the staff of the venue never hang around to listen to the gigs, but this time around they remained for our show.We must have been very good.
After a few more song we end with Nightbirds, introduced by a wonderful and drum solo and then by me grooving freely over the changes of the song. I don’t remember what I played, but I must have been good, because at the end the crowd went bananas! 😀
Nice gig.
After some burgers, we hit the road and drove back to long beach island where Will and me will be working on new music in the next few days.
Expect a report

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