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Ok… So, a while ago, The Wishing Well went to play Liverpool.
The city is so pretty, caught between the docks and the hills. Echoes of the Beatles around the Cavern Club and the world’s biggest Anglican church just uphill from the city center.
We basked in the main shopping mall in town, just before it started raining…
People are friendly, supportive an they love music.
We played to a good number of people who enjoyed the show, cheered and bought the CDs; At the end of the performance a man came to greet us and brought a bag full of food and drinks, to thank us for the music. I love playing for the people on the street, it’s a great way to bring the Music to the world and it’s always interesting to see how the listeners react to the songs:┬áSometimes they laugh, sometimes they dance – kids are always jumping around and ogling at Pete (the drummer, awesome guy) I wonder how many new musicians we are actually creating ­čśÇ

After the busking session we literally walked just around the corner, to perform live on BBC Radio Merseyside for Billy Butler’s show.
The guy is a walking legend; he has been a DJ forever and he hung out with the Beatles and he met literally EVERYBODY in the business.
Only thing: apparently, his power of observation is not really well developed; he kept on referring to us with the names of past members of the band and he insisted in saying the band is composed of 6 people (all 7 of us were sitting in front of him)

Oh well…

In itself the performance was not an issue. We played the song a hundred times; only thing: we had to sneak in the studio very fast, without soundcheck and drums (we had to modify on the fly the approach to the songs, Pete was just using a Shaker).
I must admit that just for a second I was self-conscious; all in all i was playing live at the BBC in Liverpool, for an estimate of 60.000 people.
For a brief moment i felt funny ­čśÇ

Enjoy the session:

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