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So, today, after a long time I listened to Nik Kerhaw’s “15 minutes”.
I’ve always loved Nik, his unique way of writing memorable hooks (The riddle, I won’t let the sun go down on me, Wouldn’t it be good) over incredibly complex (but easy sounding) harmonic progressions.
The Riddle might as well be my favourite song ever. There, I said it.
Now, the main problem with Nik’s vintage catalog is the songwriting and production style, it sounds too 80’s if you know what I mean.
Cheesy synths and huge snare drum. And reverb. Tons of it.
15 minutes, on the other hand is an example of smart modern rock songwriting, with a great production and a great feel.
And, so you know, Nik is a terrific guitar player, with an impeccable tone and great chops
Do yourself a favour and buy this record!

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