Hayley Griffiths Band “Haunted” – Electric Bass

Hayley Griffiths Band “Aurora (acoustic)” – Fretless Bass

Kerri Layton “Lady Of The Dead” – Production, electric bass, additional guitar and keyboards

Tonal Huldra “Heartstrings” – Production, keyboards, programming

Tonal Huldra “Scared Of The Dark” – Production, keyboards, programming


Tom Slatter “Spirit Box” – Double Bass, electric Bass, trombone, additional keyboards

Nostromo “Synchestral Works Vol. I” – Production, keyboards, rhythm guitar

Kasai “Guns To Shoot” – Electric Bass

GlitterWølf “Endless” – Fretless Bass


Tom Slatter “Happy People” – Electric Bass / Keyboard / Producer


Ruth Ginger “Moments” EP – producer


Tom Slatter “Some of the creatures have broken the locks on the door to lab 558”

Tom Slatter “Far From The Shore”
Dan Baune “The Void” – electric bass
Merakk ” Automaton” – electric bass


Nelena Paparisva “Open Your Eyes” – electric bass / producer

Luca Settembrini “Next Step Up” – electric bass / producer

Gary Poole and Jordan Brown “In A Nutshell” – double bass / producer

Catherine Valve “Armour” – electric bass / producer
Nelena Paparisva “Voices” – electric bass / producer

Richard ‘O Brian – electric bass / producer
The Rube Goldberg Machine “Fragile Times” – electric bass / producer

Nelena Paparisva “Goodbye” – electric bass / producer
Paul Rhodes “Singularity” – upright bass


The DX3 – electric bass / producer

Salvation Fleet  “Reap the Love We Sow” – bass player

Shmoltz “Weatherman” – bass player

Shmoltz  “Evil Eye” – bass player

Shmoltz  “Point Of View” – bass player

Jordan Brown ft. Dan Baune “Sandwich Time!!!” – electric bass / production

Mark Marlowe Jazz Trio “I can’t sing” – double bass

Corvus  “Chasing Miracles” –  bass player
Paul Rhodes with the Mark Marlowe Trio “Live” – double bass


Marta Tobar and Jordan Brown  “Schönebeck’s Duetto n. 1 for Cello and Acoustic Bass” – acoustic bass

Jordan Brown “Alan Parson’s Undercover Mission To Africa” – electric bass / producer

I.L.I.R “Dreamscene” studio vocal session – producer
The Wishing Well  Live on BFBS Radio – electric bass
The Wishing Well  Live at Billy Butler’s on BBC Merseyside Radio – electric bass


Jordan Brown “Cellos” – acoustic bass

Naked Shout “Your Side” – electric bass

Naked Shout “Vampire Heart” – electric bass


Will Duvall “Nightbirds” – electric bass / producer

Jarema “Everyone At Home” live in London DVD


Andre Jarema  “There was a night before there was a day” – electric bass
Bad Whiskey  “London town EP” – electric bass
Jordan Brown  “Jordan writes short stories” – electric bass

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