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I just sold my good old Ibanez Soundgear SR500. It has been a trusty companion for a few years and its sound has traveled with me long miles. Then Matteo Rufini started building great instruments for me and I used it less and less; I am very sad to see it go but instruments are made to be played, not to gather dust on a guitar rack.
I bought that instrument at Sam Ash in NYC in 2010 and it’s the bass I gigged with Stateside.
I used it on Will Duvall‘s Nightbirds and in bits of The Rube Goldberg Machine‘s Fragile Times.
It came with me on a long European tour with The Wishing Well and I have great memories of hitting the stage with this beautiful guitar. It never failed me once and always delivered great tone.
As a tribute to my old friend, I’m posting a song from The Wishing Well’s youtube page.
(bass solo at 4:50!)

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