• Jordan is a London based bass player / producer

  • “Jordan is a great easy going helpful and 100% reliable guy who knows his stuff”

  • “He’s amazing! …The Picasso of bass!!!”

  • “Jordan is a top quality bass player and a top guy to match”

  • “I just can’t say enough about Jordan’s contribution to the project”

  • “Jordan is a fantastic bass player, formidable performer, and a legend guy!”

  • “A fantastic bass player, very versatile”

  • “A crowd pleaser and an inspiration to work with”

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About Me

Jordan is a London - based bass player and producer.

His love for Music and eclectic approach to the instrument together with his relaxed and positive attitude makes him the choice of many artists both in the studio and on the road.

If you want Jordan to play bass on your record, produce your music, book a lesson or just say hi, please use the contact page